Windows Installation

If you want reliable windows installation, you have come to the right place. At DMI Construction, we offer the best products and services for top of the line and quality new windows installation that our company is known for.  If given a choice when it comes to a long list of commercial and residential windows company offering the same service, rest assured that it is our goal to deliver exceptional installation services and help transform your house or business building into a pleasing site when it comes to installing windows.


Inspection and Recommendation

When you contact us for Windows Installation or repair and rehabilitation of windows, we start by sending our personnel into your site to carefully assess and inspect everything that needs to be done. Our inspection services are free of charge.  We take into consideration your inputs before we provide recommendations and quotes for products and services to be rendered. We will work directly with you in order to determine your needs, style, design, concepts, and of course your budget.  We will see to it that your budget requirements and personal preferences are met without compromising the quality of our new Windows Installation services and repairs.

Our Installation Services

We are proud to say that we are highly trusted for providing superior windows installation services in the area and in nearby locations.  We are technically well versed when it comes to installation of different types of windows and are very familiar working on major brands manufactured by various windows company in the market today. As such, you have wide options when it comes to selecting different types of windows, be it brand wise or something else.

Our Warranty

We see to it that our services do not stop after windows installation; thus, we only work with brands that offer maximum warranties on top of our standard warranty services.  Our representative will inform you about varying types of warranty we offer on different kinds of installation services.  Just contact us for after sales service requirements and we will gladly provide it for you within reason.

Our Installation Team

s windows installation requires us to work within your perimeters. We understand your need to work with professional and dependable people.  Thus, we carefully vetted our people and insure that they have the right and best qualifications, skills, and experiences to handle top notch new windows installation or repairs of old windows for residential and commercial buildings.  We also see to it that their backgrounds were carefully and rigidly inspected to ensure that our people are most trusted with no negative backgrounds.  Thus, your homes, buildings and properties will be professionally taken cared of when you contract us for windows installation.

We are the right windows company when you need top notch services for installing windows. Call us now at 855-767-4262 and let us discuss your needs and requirements and we will get started right away.

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