Go with Commercial Solar Power to Reduce Electricity Bills and Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is a clean, green source of energy that does not cause any environmental pollution. The burning issue of global warming and the increasing cost of traditional electricity produced by burning coal has forced governments and common people to look for alternative sources of energy. There is no better alternative than solar emery that is not only infinite and renewable but also the cleanest of all types of energies. With government encouraging people to switch to solar energy through subsidized solar panels and equipments and tax credits as incentives, it is no surprise that more and more homeowners and businesses are going in for solar energy.


Reduce your carbon footprint today

Commercial solar power is no different from residential solar power in the sense that it is also made using the same solar panels. The only difference lies in the scale of operations and the amount of electricity required by offices and factories. If you are a business owner worried by increasing electricity tariffs, you can easily switch to solar energy with the help of a commercial solar power company.   DMI Construction has been looking after solar energy needs of all types of commercial installations whether they are offices, factories, government departments, schools etc. It has a wealth of experience in designing and installation of solar energy systems intended for use in commercial places.

Gain credits for excess electricity produced by solar system

DMI Construction is a solar power company that mounts solar panels on the roof of the workplace or on the ground depending upon availability of space and sun’s rays. They can also be placed as a roof over the parking lot. The energy tapped by solar cells is sent to an inverter to convert it into AC for use in the workplace. Any excess power produced by the solar panel flows into the grid. This makes your meter to run in reverse. These units are registered as credits with the electricity company that is supplying you electricity. Thus you produce electricity not only for your own use but also get paid for any excess electricity that is produced by the solar power system installed in your workplace.

Talk to us at 855-767-4262 to know how you can benefit by installing solar energy system at your workplace. You not only gain monetarily by getting credits from your utility company for any excess electricity generated by your solar system but also seen as an environmentally conscious businessman.

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