Solar Thermal Energy: Harnessing the Heat of Sun’s Rays

Most people know about solar panels containing photovoltaic cells that directly convert sun’s heat into electricity. However, many people are not aware of another unique method of harnessing the power of sun’s energy. It is called solar thermal energy or STE. In this method, heat of sun’s rays is used to heat a fluid to a very high temperature. This fluid is circulated in pipes to heat water to convert it into steam. This steam moves a turbine and the mechanical energy thus produced is later converted into electricity with the help of a generator. This is a very green and clean method to produce electricity as it does not require burning of fossil fuels.

Solar heater for green energy

STE systems for use in homes and offices

DMI Construction is involved with harnessing the power of sun to produce electricity for the last many years. It has developed very efficient solar thermal systems to be installed in homes and workplaces to help in heating water. It has also developed systems to concentrate sun’s heat to produce steam for conversion into electricity. Our systems are installed in thousands of homes and businesses to provide hot water without using electricity. These systems help people in saving energy and also in reducing their carbon footprint. While solar energy has received most of the attention because of direct conversion into electricity, this method of harnessing sun’s heat for heating water and to produce electricity is still very popular across the country.

Choose between water heating and electricity generating systems

The solar thermal systems developed by DMI Construction are robust and very reliable. They do not make use of photovoltaic cells that increase the cost of the system. They are simple and directly harness the heat of the sun to produce hot water and also electricity. The efficiency of solar thermal energy systems is much higher than the efficiency solar energy systems. There is also no need to replace faulty photovoltaic cells after some time when you install a solar thermal energy system. DMI Construction makes low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature collectors that collect heat from sun’s rays and heat water for use in swimming pools, homes, and workplaces. The high temperature collectors make use of lenses and mirrors to concentrate sunlight. They are usually used when electricity generation is the purpose.

DMI Construction is the industry leader in STE systems. You can make a call at 855-767-4262 to know how you can harness the power of sun to get hot water for your home or produce electricity for domestic or commercial use.

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