Tips to Building an Energy Efficient Roof


Energy efficient roofing is one of the best ways to improve your home efficiency and lower your electric bill. When your roof is inefficient and cannot properly cool itself or retain heat, you end up spending more money for your heater or air conditioning.
This condition can become increasingly worse as time goes on, and can lead to you wasting thousands of dollars in electric bills.

If you have contacted a roofing company to renovate or complete a new roofing installation, here is just a few tips to an energy efficient roof for your home.

Cool it Off

Taking a stroll outdoors during the summer months can give you a rough idea of how hot your roof can become. When your roof is inherently inefficient, you will see your air conditioning have to work harder to keep the air cool inside your home.
When planning your roofing installation, make sure that your roofing company uses a combination of modern heat reflective materials on top of your home. Retrofitting your home with heat reflective panels and increasing the water deflection of your roof are just two ways to improve your roofís efficiency.

For more information about your roofís efficiency, look up the Cool Roof Rating Council at, and take another step towards your energy efficient roofing today.

Solar power

Roofing companies have become one of the most energy efficient contractors of the 21st century, and for good reason. Solar power energy is rapidly transforming how people perceive their home and consider home renovation projects.
Depending on where you live and the amount of energy your home qualifies for, there can be several state benefits that can help you manage the up-front costs of solar power panels.

Green Thumb

Green roofs are a new way of managing roof heat and storm water from flat or shallow pit style roofs. By installing plant cover over your roof, you can decrease heat and manage water overflow that can prove detrimental to your slab foundation.
This solution can range from a moss style or vine style of plant, or a complete garden to provide you with a greenhouse roof that will cut down on your electric bill.


Thereís a wide variety of insulation available for use in your home to improve the heat retention as well as cool off your home internally. During the cold winter months, you can curb your heater electric bill with the right kind of insulation protecting your family from the elements.
From asphalt shingles and polymer composite products, thereís a complete cache of products your roofing company can use to upgrade the efficiency of your roof. Roofing materials like thermoplastic or thermoset roofing sheets or field applied coatings can ramp up the efficiency of your roof and decrease your electric bill.


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